Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I have a new favorite artist. ( Wayne ThieBaud)

I love him & he's my new inspiration.. idk his color levels, his shading and idk. i wanna be just like him when i grow up. my magnet teacher told me to look him up because he reminded her of me.. hmmph.. his art reminds me of my childhood. It has a gloomy undertone. >.>

Xavier Renegade Angel...ftw?

I actually like this show. It is shooooee weird omg. lol it was this one episode where like, he bought aids and pored it on this one guy. and like everyone started glitching. I love it!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


So, Im rlly into this Dance called "jerk", "Jerkin" etc..
Its kinda cute when guys do it. Haha Im guessing it originated in L.A,Cali. Hehe. <3. Send me your vids.

The new fad..i kinda started.

So i think its safe to say.. I'm the pioneerer of this lol. I get bored in the bathroom sometimes.. i guess. But i think im the only girl.. Haha.

Emarosa,Devil Wears Prada,Sky Eats Airplane, A Day To Remember SHOW.

Hands down one of thee best nights of my life. I originally went to see Emarosa cause im like in love with Jonny Craig but all the bands came prtty strong. It was like packed with scene kids..and HxC kids. Lol the boys were like stupid cute. I was in the pit for a while. I mistakenly elbowed this one chick in her mouth :/. she was stupid pissed. haha.. The chick in the pics with me is Nina. She was like..Riding Jonnys *^%@ the whoole night. oMG. haha. I was wit my dude Marc too. My dad was mad cus he could literally count the black people there. I didnt care tho :D. My boyfriend was at the Wale show prolly looking a hot mess. lol..
Good day

The Cool Kids Listening Party (Standard Atl)

Haha. Rlly good night. I didn't wanna go at first cause i knew no one was gonna be there but HypeBeasts. But um it was actually pretty chill. My boyf was like.. stupid hype for no reason. Ha. It was soo hot in there. BUT OMG Mikey is.. Legit. Lol, my boyf was happy him and Mikey had on the same hat. The chicks there..were just DooDoo mamaz... Leggings and flannel shirts. HAHA. There were alot of hipsters there tho . Yummm<3. Chuck is short and fat but he still cutte. Ther new mixtape is prolly gonna be hype tho.

Spring Break..

My spring break was like super chill. Me and Savannah drove like 5 hours to Jekyll Island. We stayed in this like stupid nice Villa. It was like.. madd old people there though. I guess it was nice to just chill on the beach for a while..My mom was like trippin cause she was stupid Bored. Haaha. I was kinda mad it was noo budd there. :/ but um Savannah was lurking.. like the whole time. The white dudes didnt wanna talk to her tho. Hahaaa!!. We stayed hmmm 4 days. tho. It was nasty jelly fishz on the sand. ew. she almost stepped in one. Lol we was talking in these fake british accents the whole time tho.>Lame. Oh yehh.. and Jonathan came <3<3

Good times tho <3