Saturday, April 11, 2009

Emarosa,Devil Wears Prada,Sky Eats Airplane, A Day To Remember SHOW.

Hands down one of thee best nights of my life. I originally went to see Emarosa cause im like in love with Jonny Craig but all the bands came prtty strong. It was like packed with scene kids..and HxC kids. Lol the boys were like stupid cute. I was in the pit for a while. I mistakenly elbowed this one chick in her mouth :/. she was stupid pissed. haha.. The chick in the pics with me is Nina. She was like..Riding Jonnys *^%@ the whoole night. oMG. haha. I was wit my dude Marc too. My dad was mad cus he could literally count the black people there. I didnt care tho :D. My boyfriend was at the Wale show prolly looking a hot mess. lol..
Good day

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