Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break..

My spring break was like super chill. Me and Savannah drove like 5 hours to Jekyll Island. We stayed in this like stupid nice Villa. It was like.. madd old people there though. I guess it was nice to just chill on the beach for a while..My mom was like trippin cause she was stupid Bored. Haaha. I was kinda mad it was noo budd there. :/ but um Savannah was lurking.. like the whole time. The white dudes didnt wanna talk to her tho. Hahaaa!!. We stayed hmmm 4 days. tho. It was nasty jelly fishz on the sand. ew. she almost stepped in one. Lol we was talking in these fake british accents the whole time tho.>Lame. Oh yehh.. and Jonathan came <3<3

Good times tho <3

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